Curating stories is just one more way we serve survivors. And as the audience, you help preserve the legacy of survivors by listening to their stories—and by sharing them with others. The collective memory of our members lives forever, right here.

These survivors’ stories are our treasure; they are found nowhere else. With these video interviews, recorded when the survivors were in their fifties, you can hear the awe-inspiring experiences of our members, told straight from them.

Nearly as incredible as the stories themselves, is the fact that they lived to tell you. We invite you to listen, learn from their stories, and honor their memory.

Some of these videos were recorded at UCLA in the 1980’s and others as part of a project by The Anti-Defamation League, Orange County. The posting of these Survivor Videos is made possible by a generous gift from David Wiener and Jack & Leah Pariser in memory of all those who perished in the Holocaust.

Prominent survivors

Leopold Page

Curt Lowens

Leon Weinstein

Leon Leyson

Sam Goetz


Ilan Ramon

Tashbih Sayyed

Chiune Sugihara

Japanese American Liberators

Robert Persinger

Written Stories

These powerful stories chronicle the lives of survivors through times of loss and heartbreak, to moments of courage and triumph. In a word shaken by war and murder, we also see the liberators, the comforters, and the men and women who risked their lives to help others.

Survival stories exemplify our determination in a world of trouble. They shine a light on our selfless and compassionate qualities. These stories reinforce our ultimate belief in humanity.

We tell our stories of survival not to dwell on hardship, but to celebrate our instincts for protection and love, and our ability to overcome. Please click the links below to read these stories.

Holocaust Survivors: The Indestructible Spirit Part 1
Holocaust Survivors: The Indestructible Spirit Part 2
Holocaust Survivors: The Indestructible Spirit Part 3
Holocaust Survivors: The Indestructible Spirit Part 4
Our Families Part 1
Our Families Part 2
Liberation Stories

Cantor szneer

Leopold Szneer was born in 1921 in Munich, Germany. From a young age, his dream was to become a Chazzan (Cantor)—one who chants prayers in the synagogue.

This dream nearly ended in the Holocaust. Beginning in 1938, Leopold was taken from his family and placed in the Dachau concentration camp. He was released, only to be re-arrested and send to another camp: Breendonk.

Leopold eventually escaped to Brussels, where he evaded the Nazis by hiding in an attic for nine months. Then, just before the Jewish New Year, the Allies liberated the city. It was then that Leopold learned his parents had been killed at Auschwitz.

In Brussels, Leopold found support in his fellow survivors. They asked him to lead their first High Holiday services in freedom. That day, over 700 people came to hear Cantor Szneer chant; countless more have heard him since.

Leopold later moved to Los Angeles, where he became Cantor of Congregation Mogen David. He has performed over 3,000 Bar Mitzvahs and led many High Holiday services for survivors. He sang Sim Shalom at the White House and for Elie Wiesel.

In these tracks, you’ll hear Cantor Szneer chant traditional songs in Hebrew. He chants the traditional European way with a cry in his voice. Join the many who’ve been inspired by his voice. Enjoy!

Take a look through this visual history of The 1939 Society. These photos commemorate important events and milestones over the past 60 years.


A lot has happened in our long history of serving the Los Angeles community. In these archives, you’ll find news articles, letters, and other valuable resources that chart the history of The 1939 Society and its activities.

A lot has happened in our long history of serving the Los Angeles community. In these archives, you’ll find news articles, letters, and other valuable resources that chart the history of The 1939 Society and its activities.

Club Presented Its Annual “Teacher of The Holocaust” Award to Deborah E. Lipstadt (2001)
48th Annual Installation of The “1939” Club Board of Directors (2000)
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UCLA Holocaust Historian Named Macarthur Fellow (1999)
The “1939” Club Holocaust Memorial Fund Lecture (1998)
Saul Friedlander Dinner (1998)
Survivors Attend Whittier Law School Conference on Nazi Gold (1998)
Swiss Bank Whistleblower Receives Full Scholarship from Chapman University (1998)
Meili’s Receive Humanitarian Award (1998)
Miracle at Midnight (1998)
UCLA Lecture Series: Jewish Prague (1998)
March of The Living Benefit Concert (1997)
Survivors of The Shoah Visual History Foundation Host The “1939” Club (1997)
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